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Published July 16, 2013

Headphone Mike Reviews Seven Rages of Man by Blue Gillespie

I find that metal albums tend to focus on one of three things. First, there can be a storytelling aspect of an album, from Operation Mind Crime to Rheingold by Gravedigger. Metal artists tell an epic tale across a whole album.

Second, the songs can be enjoyed individually but the only way to get the big picture is to listen to the whole thing. Some focus on technique. Children of Bodom and Opeth spring to mind when I think of bands that strive for technical perfection with each song. The third kind is raw emotion. Blue Gillespie is one such band.

Blue GillespieBlue Gillespie is a band out of the UK lead by Gareth David-Lloyd who some of you may know as Ianto from the popular BBC series Torchwood.

This album was a gift from a friend who wanted to support something she believed in because she bought at least six and handed them out to people she thought would appreciate it.

This album is based off Shakespeare’s famous seven ages of man speech only it focuses on what brings us as humans anger in each of these phases.

The Mewling asks the question, “What makes a baby angry?” The answer of course is everything! From teething to being tired, needing changing, not getting enough food and having only one way to express themselves. This song feels like a raw greedy sort of anger that a lot of new parents will identify with.

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blue gillespie bandGrim Determination actually hit me a little closer to home than I would have liked. This song covers act five of a person’s life, so, let’s call it late thirties early forties. This song describes the creeping merciless anger of an abusive father and husband and unlike most songs with this subject matter does not denounce the act. It is a little scary to listen to at first and may bring up some bad memories.

Hydraslide is the anger of a dying man laying in bed thinking of all the mistakes he made and all the things he will never get to do. While remaining heavy and dark through out the song the line, “I live you die you’re the lucky one.” cuts deep.

From the greedy selfish anger of an infant to the regretful anger of a man on his death bed and everywhere in between this album covers it all.

There are times when I feel the need to show up somewhere in a bad mood I reach for this album. If you really enjoy progressive metal, this album is for you. There are very few simple rhythms in this album, a lot of time changes, bpm changes, and none of it sounds jarring. The voice and personality here are a far cry from the humble tea boy Gareth plays on Torchwood and even metal fans who aren’t fans of the show should give this album a try. They’re going to be at dragon con this year and I look forward to being in the front row.

Headphone Mike Reviews Seven Rages of Man by Blue Gillespie

“Would uncover traumatic memories of a childhood long since past to listen to this album again.”

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