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Published February 16, 2013

Headphone Mike Reviews Witchcraft Legend

Sweden is renowned for bringing the darker side of music to the masses with its plethora of Metal bands. Today’s installment: Swedish Doom Metal band, Witchcraft.

Hi, I’m Headphone Mike. I decided to start reviewing albums that are not as well known. There is no point in reviewing individual songs because we have YouTube and bands would take forever.

I like taking in whole albums at a time because they can best capture what the artist was going for when he put everything together.

Ever listen to I Don’t Believe in Love by Queensryche? It sounds like a typical hair metal song about a guy loosing his girlfriend until it is put in its place in the album order. Then the listener realizes that the protagonist lost his girlfriend because he killed her while under the effects of mind control by an anarchist movement. It really makes a difference. Let’s begin shall we?

For my first review I checked out the Legend album by Witchcraft that was released last year. When I first heard of a doom metal band out of Sweden I had my doubts.

Doom metal it seems has a slower tempo and deeper sound then it’s fast and energetic counterpart.

It took its sound in part from old Black Sabbath songs like electric funeral and war pigs. The focus tends to be on bleak topics but steers clear of becoming preachy. The other classification for this band is “stoner” rock. I don’t like the term stoner rock. It implies that the music is shallow and easy to enjoy without really caring about it. Now, I like to break down a few of the tracks that really stood out for me.

witchcraft - olaIt’s Not Because of You is the single off this album. This song really struck me when I first heard it. While true to it’s genre the song brings back memories of the band Rare Earth. A casual listener will find themselves singing along on the second or third play through. This is the one to check out if you want to understand what the band sounds like.

Ghost’s House features some impressive guitar work and makes full use of the lead singer’s vocal talents. The subject matter is bleak but still interesting to listen. It feels like he’s telling a story from memory and those songs have always appealed to me.

Democracy is, at first glance, the standard overthrow the government song. There was a string of these a few years back that started as okay and got overdone fast. Disturbed’s ten thousand fist album springs to mind. These songs were followed up by more music with the theme of, “But we love our country.” Just listening to this song and reminding oneself that the band isn’t American paints the song a different color. Don’t judge to harshly.

I was first introduced to Witchcraft by an acoustic version of one of their older songs called No Angel or Demon. Not every metal band can pull off acoustic tracks so it got my attention.

Their older work sounds more raw but at the same time a little slower. I found myself having trouble listening to all their music in one sitting because it started to sound the same. This album changed that for me. I don’t like giving an album a number rating since different albums shine for different people for different reasons and tastes in music may vary greatly so I’ll summarize it by making a statement about my experience and leave the rest to the reader. “Would listen to while doing creative writing again.”

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