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Published July 15, 2013

Helping the Homeless: A Good Deed Makes A Full Return

Several months ago I posted a video with an easy, inexpensive project that kids (and grown-ups!) can do to help homeless people. It involves creating a “stocking” of hygeine products and food gift cards, stuffed into a pair of clean socks.

This simple Kindness Care Package can be carried in the glove-box of your car, to be handed out to people who sit on the side of the road with “Homeless, Please Help” signs.

Today, I read an article by a fellow blogger, who took that video to heart. She does a random act of kindness with her kids every day, and she chose to create one of these care packages as one of her projects.

I was moved by the ripples of my small video, and the impact it may have on people who watched it.

How many people have made their own care packages? How many homeless people have been reached, people I will never hear of or learn about? Acts of kindness have a way of silently rippling. You may never know how far their secret tendrils grow.

But today I got a chance to read the quiet story of two children and their mom, leaving a stuffed stocking for a sleeping homeless man. She wrote about it on her blog, Pennies of Time. It moved me to tears. Thank you giving me a glimpse at where the kindness ripples have traveled. Please, be sure to read her touching story.

May it inspire you, as a reminder of every good thing you do, that somewhere out there, someone else was inspired and somebody received compassion they direly needed.

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  • I sincerely believe that through the power of storytelling, I can make social issues become more than a set of statistics. My expertise is in community leadership, non-profit work, event coordinating, networking, and storytelling. All my articles.

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