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Published January 23, 2015

Hey Civitas, How Do I Get On Art Pope’s Naughty List?

Civitas, one of Art Pope’s right wing shill groups, just launched yet another hastily pulled together website exposing and espousing upon the Great Left Threat, who, in their words, “have an alarming amount of power in the media, state politics, and government.”

While reading through an Indy Week article on this newest Pope offering meant to enlighten the masses, my first reaction was “lulz!” I mean seriously, with the current far right monopoly of power at the state level, how could anyone seriously consider the left “wielding an alarming amount of power”.

Surely this was a satirical article, meant to give me a brief chuckle about the dismal state of leadership currently at the helm in the capital.

Imagine my shock to find out that this was indeed a serious article about an actual website! As I explored “Mapping the Left” I came to the realization that this was indeed meant to be an actual resource for the Right. As my amusement gave way to a more serious mood, I began to explore the site, first searching for friends and acquaintances from the Moral Monday movement, specifically the MMA’s (Moral Monday Arrestees).

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Next, I searched to see if Candid Slice was listed. After all, we have published a number of articles on Moral Monday, told and amplified Arrestee stories, and shared actual Arrest videos. Surely we would be listed as part of this “Vast Left-Wing Activist Network.”

My mood now shifted to disappointment. Why were my friends not listed? Where was Candid Slice?

As I shared the Indy Week article with my friends, they had similar experiences. Many of my friends are active in the progressive movement, working hard behind the scenes to bring sanity back to North Carolina politics. Why aren’t they part of “Mapping the Left”? What started out as a Pope website to “out” progressives had turned–it was now a badge of honor to be recognized, not to mention a great resource for us to connect and network. But how do we get recognized and added to the list of people or organizations?

Then my friend Bibi had an idea. Why not “report” ourselves! And that is exactly what she did!

Hey Citivas, What About Us - 1

So my progressive friends, here is your chance to get on Pope’s naughty list. Are you a proud member of the “Vast Left-Wing Activist Network”? If so, help us turn this Civitas website into a networking tool by reporting yourself or your organization here.

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