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Published November 3, 2013

How I Found My Forever Home: A Cat Tale Come True

Hello. This is Sister, Norie’s friend. This is the story of my adoption and how I adapted to my new home. I am a cat who loves to be quiet and peaceful. The first year of life in my new home was not very quiet and not very peaceful.

My first home was with “Loving One.” She had to leave me with her mother, while she would be gone for several weeks at a time at school. Then I would be all hers again during the summer when Loving One was out of school.

Although I missed her, I knew I would see her when she came home on weekends sometimes. Everything was fine until Loving One would have trouble breathing and get bumps that itched on her arms when she held me. I had been hers for two years. She had to find a good home for me and fast.

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Loving One took me to visit this nice lady (I’ll call her “Kind One”). Kind One already had a black cat, but after much questioning, Loving One decided that Kind One would treat me well and be compassionate and kind. So all of my toys and belongings were brought to this nice lady. And I was left with her. Not knowing if or when I would see Loving One again.

Where was my first human? It turned out, for the first few weeks she came to see me to be sure I was alright. I could tell she missed me. I finally decided it was best to end the relationship with Loving One for her own sake. She seemed sad the last time I saw her. I was too. But I knew she had to go on with her life without me so I just ignored her to make it easier on her .

The Cat Adoption 6
I often wondered where my first human was.


Adapting to my new Home

Kind One kept me in the small guest bathroom and would come to visit me for a long time several times a day. She explained to me this was the best way for two cats to get used to each other, from what she had studied. I always had my food, water, familiar toys and my litter box. I craved attention though.

So one day when it was sunny outside, Kind One put me in a carrying case and set it in front of the door. Suddenly a powerful force hit my carrier and knocked it over! It was the black cat, Norie! I was petrified!! Kind One came and quickly put me back in the bathroom where I knew I was safe and comforted me.

It took another week before I was able to come out of the bathroom around that “other cat.”

Kind One always protected me and I started feeling more at home. Norie had been with Kind One for about four months already, so she was definitely the alpha female. It took months before Norie would not chase me and before Kind One could leave us in the same room when she wasn’t there. Let’s just say I was very wary of Norie and spent a lot of time under Kind One’s bed!

Finally after a year or so, I realized that Norie wasn’t wanting to hurt me. She was making her claim as alpha cat.

Now we sleep on the couch side by side, not touching though, and playfully chase each other. I am finding that she is a good leader, just pesky sometimes because she wants to play when I do not. We have even groomed each other briefly a few times, but I never know when she will turn it into a game and take a swipe at me. There are now certain areas of the house with my scent on them!

The Cat Adoption 5
At last a peace treaty.

There are a few problems still. One thing that drives me nuts is when I’m on the table or eating on the floor, and Norie sneaks up from behind and pokes my bottom with her cold wet nose. It shocks me and I jump! She moves right into the spot where I was. She is mischievous to say the least. But considering how things were in the beginning over two years ago, I think things are moving in the right direction.

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The Cat Adoption 1

My forever home…

I am very content in my forever home now. Kind One tells me how precious I am to her and how this is my forever home.

It took a while before I felt as comfortable as Norie does, but this is my new home and I love Kind One and … well I love Norie as much as any cat could love a playful, unpredictable, mischievous scamp!

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