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Published July 13, 2014

How Much Do YOU Love Asheville?

Let’s be real: Asheville loves Asheville. We spend carefree days nestled between the mountains, sipping local coffee, dancing at drum circles, and eating Rosetta’s baked tofu. Then at night we passionately fight for causes we believe in, like equality and animal rights.
Asheville is a magical, strange place. How much of the fabulous Asheville life have you experienced? Show us by taking this quiz, and maybe you’ll discover something new you’ve missed!

Select all that apply to you and see how you score!


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  • Joker is a code hack here at Candid Slice. A programmer by day and a reader and writer by night, he is loathe to discuss himself in the 3rd person, but can be persuaded to do so from time to time. Find him on any of the Candid Slice social media channels. All my articles.

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