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Published April 16, 2017

How Yankees And Hipsters Have Ruined Raleigh

First, let’s all bow our heads and observe a minute of silence for the once quiet and charming city of Raleigh. Like it or not today’s Raleigh has paved over more than just buildings and traditions, it’s paved over an entire life style.

Raleigh has hit the point of no return–its momentum is unstoppable as developers doze and raze at a pace that will make your head spin, and there is no end in sight. McMansion’s are popping up in older established neighborhoods, and those ugly high rise apartments seem to be sprouting up on every open acre of ground not already occupied by a strip mall.

So lets look back just a few decades and remember some of the places and traditions that are now lost to us forever, and remember these eloquent words of Raleighite Betty S.:

“Please save something… don’t destroy everything.”

Lets begin our journey with our beloved but now lost restaurants…

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  • Jimmy Jones


  • Jimmy is a 26th generation Raleighite. He doesn't hate yankees or hipsters, but he does feel better when they are not around. Joking! You guys do realize that both me and this article are tongue-in-cheek, right? All my articles.

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