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Fox Farm & Forage LLC
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Published September 25, 2018

Hurricane Florence: Relief Efforts Often Forget Pigs, Cows, and Farmers

Humans and pets aren’t the only ones dramatically impacted by Hurricane Florence. In Eastern North Carolina, flooding has endangered thousands of farm animals.

While heart-rending videos show sweet puppies being rescued from flooded homes, others reveal tragedy: Helpless pigs, scrambling to reach rooftops or floating debris, while bodies of less fortunate pigs float nearby.

According to ABC11 WTVD, over 5,500 pigs and 3.4 million poultry have already died as a result of Hurricane Florence. It’s clear: Pigs and chickens need their own inspirational rescue videos.

And farmer Amy Fox is ready to help those in need. While her own farm full of feathered and furry critters is safe, she is all too familiar with the plight North Carolina farmers face after a hurricane like Florence.

Livestock Often Struggle to Receive Rescue Aid

Rescue and relief efforts are in full swing across North Carolina, showing the generosity and community-spirit of our state. But even though farmers provide the backbone of North Carolina, they are often forgotten during relief efforts.

Often, people focus on the more obvious relief efforts, like helping homeless dogs washed away by the floods, or assisting with getting food and water to Wilmington. While of course these are extremely critical needs, it means people like farmers and livestock, who also have urgent needs, go unnoticed.

Being a farmer herself, Fox immediately saw the need in her community, and she’s working with several non-profit organizations to raise money and supplies.

In order to save the lives of farm animals and assist farmers, who are coping with significant losses this season, she is raising money and looking for donations from agriculture companies to feed hungry livestock.

“The hurricane sure hurt my bank account,” Fox says, knowing other Eastern NC farmers faced far worse in the aftermath of Florence.

To date, Fox is excited to report that nearly $1,000 of funds have been raised for this cause. Additionally, she was able to secure over $3,000 of donated feed and hay.

Paul Dunn, owner of Mule City Specialty Feeds in Benson generously donated 5 tons of feed in support of Fox’s effort.

This past Sunday, Fox gave 3 tons of horse feed to a network of equine rescue organizations; Rainbows Edge Training Stable and Fleet of Angels Equine Rescue. Fox then delivered the remaining 2 tons of various livestock feed to the JPR Pet Food Pantry in Jacksonville.

By tapping into the Equine network, Fox was able to arrange for hay to be delivered to the pantry the same day. Volunteers for Circle A Home For Horses were very kind to drive and deliver several pickup truck loads of hay to the pantry.

Fox would like to especially recognize the amazing work that JPR Pet Food Pantry is doing. While Fox is raising the funds and donated feed and hay, JPR are the ones identifying needs and distributing the feed to those in need.


  • As of 9/26 Fox is happy to announce that JPR Pet Food Pantry stated that it appears that the needs of farm animals in their area has been met, but they indicated there was still great need in other parts of the coastal area. They were able to connect Fox with Francis, Florence and Friends Equine, based in Swansboro.
  • Fox is now asking for funds to be donated directly to Francis, Florence and Friends Equine in order to maximize the impact to animals most in need. These donations are very much needed and appreciated via Paypal at Not only is this group helping horses, but any farm animal in need.

There are several ways to donate/help:

  1. Donate money to Francis, Florence and Friends Equine, which is a tax-deductible non-profit organization. You can donate directly to their Paypal at
  2. If you know of a non-profit that would like to get involved, have them contact Fox at
  3. Share this article! Help Fox spread the call for help!!

Want to visit the farm animals and see the critters?

For the purposes of raising money for relief efforts, Fox Farm & Forage is allowing people to visit her farm for private tours. She has a miniature Zebu steer, a miniature donkey, baby piglets, ducks and chickens, and even goats!

You can donate any amount to help the animals, but for a $100 donation, Fox will allow a group of up to four people ages 12 years old or above, to come and see the farm.

As much as any puppy or kitten being rescued from a flooded house, these pigs, chickens, and cows need their own happy ending and inspirational video. Fox is aiming to continue to raise funds and obtain donations of feed and hay as long as animals are in need in the wake of the aftermath of Hurricane Florence.

Contact Fox Farm & Forage at

Follow Fox’s efforts on her Facebook page

Donate to Francis, Florence and Friends Equine via Paypal

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