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Published May 6, 2013

I’m Dating a Superhero, Yes, a Real Superhero!

What’s it like dating a superhero? Just the same as it would be dating anyone else, I guess. We go out, have a good time, play games together, do housework, walk the dog; the usual routine.

Except that my girlfriend is also saving the world. Is she faster than a speeding bullet? No. Can she leap tall buildings in a single bound? Of course not. Pick me up with her psychic mind-powers and shake me like a dog? Preposterous! That’s just silly. No, my girlfriend is actively influencing the world through kindness, compassion, and volunteerism toward the betterment of the community.

Last week, when Heather donned the cowl of the Blue Beacon and told me she was going to take on a volunteer effort and/or random act of kindness every day for a month, I’ll admit I had my reservations.

Captain Hoodie

I knew that the effort of planning one event is tiresome enough what with work and one’s various other responsibilities, but planning a whole month’s worth would be stressful enough to drive anyone over the edge. And I knew that the tension and exertion of weeks’ worth of labor would surely take its toll on my poor girlfriend.

So when I woke up today to see her smiling down at me, full of life and love and vigor, I was relieved, and a little inspired, too, having so much energy left over after a week of volunteering. Sure her feet were killing her, but not too badly that I couldn’t massage those bad boys out. But this is what gets her pumped, makes her feel alive: doing good in the community. And the week’s been good! I’ve read of her exploits and daring do-gooder deeds right here at Candid Slice. Plus, I get a special guest, VIP re-telling of the day’s events when she comes home to me every night. I’m so thrilled and proud to be able to call her my (superhero) girlfriend.

So you can imagine my surprise and excitement when she asked me to come along with her for her Sunday act of kindness today. She even asked me to throw together a makeshift costume to wear on the mission! Elated, I slipped on a few haphazard garments and Captain Hoodie was born! (Not the coolest concept ever, yeah, but whatever, it’s not about me.) Today’s mission: deliver confectionery treats to hardworking, fatigued drive-thru employees worn out from the day’s labor in an often thankless position.

I won’t lie, walking into the local drugstore dressed in full-on superhero garb was a little embarrassing, and we definitely got more than a couple strange looks.

I mean, everyone at some point in their lives (usually when they’re younger) wants to be a superhero. C’mon, it’s cool to have powers and save the day. But I’ll tell you, it was all kinds of awkward for me standing in the checkout line in my tights with our Twix, Kit Kats, and M&Ms while the other customers in line just stood there and gawked at us. But I felt significantly at ease when I looked down at my own, personal hero who smiled back at me and said, “I love you, Captain Hoodie.”

And then, it was just us, being superheroes, and it felt ridiculously good driving down the road together, head-banging to Swedish House Mafia’s “Save the World” on the stereo while out on our mission to brighten blackest days. We hit up a nearby Cookout and a Starbucks; the employees were so touched by us wanting them to feel better about being at work, and they thanked us graciously and warmly before we sped off into the sunset. It felt wonderful to do that for them (especially in our stud-ly duds).

And that was just one small act of kindness. You should see what other great things the Blue Beacon has planned for this month! She’s a real hero, as are all of the other great people who run the organizations she’ll be assisting with this month. If you feel heroic and inspired like the Blue Beacon makes me feel, you might try a random act of kindness sometime, too. And for volunteer ideas, you should look up Activate Good online and they’ll help you find something that matches your needs for helping.

Click on the Blue Beacon to Donate!

You may even see the Blue Beacon out and about spreading good to causes all throughout the area. You may even see me, “Captain Hoodie,” doing my part, too (in stud-ly duds).

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  • GregHarwood

    Captain Hoody

  • Captain Hoodie / Greg Harwood is a part-time superhero, and aids in the missions and day-to-day of the Blue Beacon. Greg is a graduate of High Point University and likes Dannon yogurt with the fruit at the bottom. When not performing super-heroics, he works as a finance service rep, and enjoys being cheerful and spending time with his superhero girlfriend. All my articles.

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