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Gabriele Cripezzi
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Published May 30, 2017

Is Your Dog a Genius? Try This 5-Step Dog Intelligence Test!

My little dog Willow is pretty smart. She sits, stays, heels; and we have to be careful saying words like, “Treat” or “Outside,” because if she overhears us, she knows what we’re saying and gets excited!

Needless to say, I think she’s a genius. So I looked up a Five Step Dog IQ Test to prove it. I didn’t do any preparations beforehand, and I live streamed and photographed her results.

All Willow sees are strange puzzles and treats — she has no idea what’s in store!

Do you think your dog is a little Einstein? Try the test along with us at home!

First Dog IQ Test: Toss a Towel On Your Dog’s Head

This is the simplest trial for testing basic doggy intelligence. Find a towel or small blanket, and just toss it over your dog’s head. The towel or blanket should not be neatly folded, as that makes it too easy to just slip off. Instead, just grab it and toss it gently on your poor pup’s face in one smooth motion.

Now, take a stopwatch and measure how long it takes your dog to shake themselves free.

  • 30 seconds or less is 5 points
  • 31-120 seconds is 4 points
  • Fails to remove towel, but at least tries: 1 point
  • Totally derps and doesn’t even try to get free: 0 points

How did Willow do?

She threw that silly towel off in less than 3 seconds. Full marks!

How does this test your dog’s IQ?

This is testing you dog’s ability to recognize and solve a puzzle. If your dog doesn’t even try to get the towel off, it may indicate your dog doesn’t comprehend their own ability to change their circumstances – they completely rely on your help! However, I guess it could also just mean you have a really chill dog.

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