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Published October 6, 2017

Islamophobia and Anti-Muslim Hate in Raleigh

Zainab Baloch is a young and intelligent rising politician who is running for Raleigh city council seat in Wake County, North Carolina. Her campaign photo poster board was vandalized and spray painted with hateful fascist graffiti. “Sand nigger” and “Trump” with swastika painted on her poster board in Raleigh.

Hate and bigotry against Muslims in America is in full swing that has been legitimized by our current president and current administration and other elected officials by their hateful and Islamophobic rhetoric and lack of acknowledgment to rising assaults and attacks on Muslim Americans. That has led to mostly white, ignorant, and sick minded people to feel that now they have the legitimate right to go out and behave savagely to terrorize people of who are not white and who don’t follow their twisted right-wing extremist Christian ideology.

What we are witnessing is a paradigm shift not in some minor political thinking, but a dangerous growth in hate that is directly impacting people’s freedom. In this incident, it’s obvious with the hateful and racist writings on the board that it is directed to Zainab because she is a Muslim.

It is extremely worrisome that a young woman who is running for an office as an American to serve her city is being targeted for her faith.

The direction America is moving to should be a grave concern to all of us. The rising hateful fascist white supremacy is a serious threat to our democracy and freedom. Wake up, people. People of all colors and faiths (or no faith) must stand up for their fellow Americans who are subject to intense hate and prejudice. Our silence is not an option anymore. I will not be silent and I ask other Muslims to get involved in the political process and civic engagement. Don’t live in fear. It’s time we organize our communities and be proactive, not reactive.

Zainab Baloch is a beautiful lady and gracious person who deeply cares about her country and the people of Raleigh. She has a bright future ahead of her and I have no doubt that she will do well as a councilwoman. I fully support her candidacy. I stand shoulder to shoulder with Zainab. Please support her campaign and reach out to her.

My message to the person who sprayed painted this:

You are not a patriot and neither a person of integrity. To behave in such a manner that is disgusting and grossly hateful says a lot about who you are. You are not making America great, but making it stupid and dangerous. Get some mental maturity and act like a civilized human being instead of going around vandalizing with hateful paint. Your white supremacist views are to be condemned and rejected. By painting “Trump” on the board is something you should not be proud of but be ashamed of. Trump is not a man that you should look up to because of his misogynic, xenophobic, Islamophobic and racist views. Find a role model like Jesus who really taught people to love and care for humanity. Grow up and get a life, and do something constructive with your life instead of acting like a fool.

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  • Faisal Khan


  • Peace activist & community organizer. My mission is to promote peace, coach & empower people of faith and non religious groups to engage in dialogue & advocacy. All my articles.

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