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Published May 20, 2013

Life in the Animal Shelter: Heroes Waiting to be Adopted

Daisy and Beau are animal shelter celebrities. Everyone loves them, but they can’t seem to find a forever home.

I first heard of them several months ago, when my class made tug toys for the SPCA of Wake County. I asked which animals were in the most need, so I could print pictures of them to show my students and let them connect with the creatures they were helping. Among the group of images were Daisy and Beau’s happy faces, smiling despite their year-long stay in the shelter.

As time passed, I watched as other dogs we’d helped slowly disappeared from the website and into their forever homes. But I continuously saw Daisy and Beau’s familiar dog-grins and bouncing tongues on the SPCA’s Facebook wall, as the organization reached out to potential pet parents: Adopt these dogs. They still need a home.

When I visited the SPCA, I saw a big poster with professional photos of Daisy and Beau. As I stepped into the dog area, I scanned the rooms until I recognized the pair. Still here. Still waiting.

“Can I meet them?” I asked. “I’ve been following their story online.”

“Of course!” the volunteer chimed. “They’re our biggest love-dogs. They’re so sweet.”

blue-beacon-pups-1I walked into their room, heavy with empathy. Excited for the new company, Daisy and Beau wiggled towards me, tails bustling.

Daisy had the most photogenic smile I’ve ever seen on a dog. Beau would sit quietly beside me, pretending not to look my way, then suddenly steal a single lick on my cheek. They were calm and friendly, with lots of personality.

“Why can’t you seem to find these guys a home?”

“Well,” said the volunteer, “They come as a pair, first of all. They’ve been raised together their entire lives, and we just can’t separate them now.”

With ten years of kinship behind them, this pair’s relationship has lasted longer than many of my own friendships.

“Plus, they’re big dogs. They’re friendly and great for a calm home, but they’re older and larger, and you have to get them both. It’s a big responsibility. We just haven’t found the right match.”

blue-beacon-pups-2But at ten years old, I frowned and wondered, how much longer do they have to even get a chance at living in a forever home? And if any dogs deserve a chance, Daisy and Beau do. I’d take them home myself if I didn’t live in a tiny apartment and already have my soul-pup, Willow.

So, as a big fan of Daisy and Beau, I visited them. The shelter workers and volunteers all give them a little extra love. And I decided that I want to as well. I can’t adopt them, but I at least want to visit them and give them comforts and kindness that they would find in a forever home. When I go back next week, I intend to bring a few treats and goodies along to brighten their room and hopefully warm up their hearts.

Daisy and Beau, it’s my hope that sharing your story will help you finally meet the soul-owners you’re searching for, that family that’s been living with a Daisy and Beau-sized hole in their hearts. But if that’s not meant to be, I vow to try and help add to the joy in your days, and I hope your story will inspire others to do good in their own communities.

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If Daisy and Beau do not find a home, at least their story can help other animals. That makes them heroes.

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