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Published November 17, 2013

Life Is What Blows Me Away: A Shocking Act of Kindness Ripples On In Song

This Sunday is going to be an emotional day for me. You see, last Sunday, a lady came up to me in church. I know her on sight, but didn’t even know her name before then.

At the end of the service, she noticed that I was playing an electric guitar for the second week in a row. I usually play my beloved 12-sttring acoustic. But because my acoustic is in the shop for some major work from my luthier, I’m relegated to playing my rarely played electric.

She approached me and said, “That’s an electric guitar, isn’t it?” I said, “Yes, it is.” She then said, “My late son played an electric guitar. It’s just been sitting around my house. No one else in my family plays guitar. It kind of brings me down to see it just sitting there.” Then she floored me.

“If I give you the guitar, would you play it in church sometimes?” I said that I would be glad to. Then I asked how she would like that to come about.

She said, “If I give it to you, will you play it in church?”

“Yes,” I said. “I will be glad to. How do you want to work this out so that I can play it some Sundays?”

She then floored me by saying, “I’m going to give it to you. It’s yours now. I would be honored to see it being played again, especially in church.”

So, on this Sunday, I will receive, with no cost in monetary terms, a Fender Stratocaster electric guitar. And I will now strive to put down my ‘other appendage’, from time to time, my 12-string, to honor the memory of a mother’s son whom I never knew.

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I’ve much to ponder about this unexpected event in my life. Life has a tendency to throw you some unexpected curves. Yes, life is what blows me away.

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  • Earl Barber


  • Earl Barber is a blue collar working stiff who prefers playing his 12-string acoustic guitar for free to most any other endeavor. An occasional essayist, Earl has been posting on random internet sites, most notably the old WRAL-TV GOLO pages, with his essays for over ten years. All my articles.

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