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Published May 19, 2014

No Singing In The Legislative Building: Moral Mondays Pose “Imminent Threat”

The legislative building is under imminent threat of singing! Moral Monday protestors will face new rules in the legislative building in Raleigh this summer. Any sort of singing or speaking considered loud enough to create a disturbance is prohibited. Not only that, but police are empowered to ask anyone who even seems likely to speak or sing loudly to leave, defining them as an “imminent threat.”

I wonder what would happen if someone wandered through there alone, just singing a jaunty tune on a beautiful day.

Regardless, the new rules were passed in response to last year’s popular Moral Monday movement, which kept Raleigh in the national spotlight. Whether or not locals agree with the sentiments behind the protest, there is a romanticism to the arrests that make it a unique and interesting spectacle. The passion and energy is undeniable at the rallies, and hundreds of people were willing to be handcuffed and put in jail for a cause they believe in. It’s a powerful throwback to the civil rights movement.

Why do they march? In their own words, they march for equal access to health care, to stand against fracking, to ensure voter rights, to protect women’s freedom to choose abortion, and for the assistance of pre-K funding for all children.

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Hot button issues, and obviously not everyone agrees on the best outcomes. Some people claim the Moral Monday arrestees are just clogging up our jails, wasting our police officers’ time, and throwing away tax-payer money. Supporters believe the price is worth it and the arrests are unconstitutional, as we should have the right to protest in our own government buildings.

Agree or disagree with the Moral Monday methods, their willingness to take a stand and be heard is commendable, especially considering some people don’t even bother to go out and vote.

Exercising our freedom and democracy is what keeps society moving forward. Our legislators creating vague, poorly defined, and downright silly rules to stifle those who do, does not!

The videos and images, and the stories of the arrestees, are full of passion and emotion. The speeches and songs, the people chanting “Thank you” during the march into the legislative building, and the myriad of people being handcuffed as they sing — it’s quite a symbol of unity.

North Carolina Moral Monday 6-10 Arrest Video

North Carolina Moral Monday 6-17 Arrest Video

North Carolina Moral Monday 6-24 Arrest Video (part 1)

North Carolina Moral Monday 6-24 Arrest Video (part 2)

And the singing and chanting in downtown Raleigh, well, it makes me happy to see my city so full of diversity, life, and people who want to make a difference. Government buildings could use a little more singing anyways!

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