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Published November 11, 2014

North Carolina Veterans Share Their Stories

A lot of guys from the Vietnam era were not, well, almost none of them were welcome home, explains Roy, a Vietnam War Veteran and North Carolinian who is full of stories and firsthand accounts.

If you ever want to hear his stories, just visit him at Richard’s Coffee Shop and Living Military Museum, where plenty of North Carolina vets have found comfort in each other’s company and memories.

As another Veterans Day comes upon us, let’s reflect for a moment on the millions of Americans who have served our nation. Whether they protected us in countries we cannot pronounce, or here in America, many of our former defenders of freedom are still alive. Their stories are not mere entertainment, but a testament to future generations of bold warriors who will fight those who wish to destroy our way of life.

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Some appear gruff. Some are homeless. Some are CEO’s of companies. But at the end of the day, all veterans share on important fact: They took an oath to fight for us and our freedoms.

It does not matter what your political views are–supporting our troops is American pride. Support them before they leave; support them during their service; and most importantly, support them after their service.

Richard’s Coffee Shop and Living Military Museum in Mooresville is a tribute to local veterans. I took a tour of the museum, which consists of military memorabilia, war stories and a quaint coffee shop. You’re welcome to explore it with me in this short video.

Before my tour with Roy, a Vietnam War Veteran, I talked to some of the nice veterans drinking their coffee in the coffee shop.

Richard’s Coffee Shop and Living Military Museum is a one of a kind place to enjoy coffee and learn more about the bravery of our Veterans.

This video originally appeared on the EyeOn NorthCarolina blog piece on Richard’s Coffee Shop and Living Military Museum in Mooresville, North Carolina.

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