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Published June 5, 2017

Off Duty Deputy And Her Husband Choke Man To Death, No Charges Filed

An attorney for the family of John Hernandez who died after a confrontation with a Harris County deputy’s husband outside a Sheldon restaurant said video released Monday showed an “illegal chokehold” was used to subdue the man.

According to a spokesperson for the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, an off-duty deputy, Chauna Thompson and her husband arrived at a restaurant the night of May 28 with their children and saw Hernandez urinating outside the restaurant. The Sheriff’s Office said the husband confronted Hernandez about his behavior, and a fight began.

I can’t see this as happening. I feel like it’s all a bad dream and I’m just going to wake up, Hernandez’ wife, Maria Toral, said in tears.

Witnesses say Hernandez was quickly overpowered by the man, who continued to beat him then put him in a chokehold for 10 to 15 minutes. They said Hernandez, who was much smaller, than the man, was too drunk to defend himself.

“It’s a very sad video because you’re watching a man basically being killed,” the family attorney said. “He was kicking his legs in a helpless fashion, and you can hear him gargling or gurling, ‘Stop, stop.’”

Hernandez’s wife and 3-year-old daughter were begging the man to stop.

Attorney Jack Carroll said the video was turned over to him by a concerned citizen. He said the video showed the deputy’s husband, Terry Thompson, lying on top of Hernandez as he is gasping for air. The Harris County Deputy can be seen with her knee on John Hernandez shoulder, as she is pinning down one of the victims hands. Her husband is choking Hernandez, as other family members attempt to block concerned citizens from filming or intervening.

Warning: the video is disturbing.

Hernandez was hospitalized after the confrontation. He died three days later after he was removed from life support. As of today no charges have been filed in his death.


Update 6/9/17:

Deputy Thompson and her husband Terry Thompson have been indicted on murder charges after John Hernandez’s death was ruled a homicide by the Harris County medical examiner’s office.

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