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Published September 10, 2014

Perspective In A Park: Photography To Understand Childhood

Don’t be so childish! Has anyone ever said that to you? Most times when someone says that it’s because they perceive you as being immature and not acting like the adult you’re supposed to be. But frankly, I don’t think being childish is always a bad thing.

Recently my friend shared this photo her four-and-a-half year-old son, Cullen, snapped.

Stop Being So Childish - 1

I really like this photo and what struck me was the perspective. It was HIS perspective. Most of us, myself included, would no doubt have looked right over the pinwheel or down on it from 5+ feet above it.

If photography has taught me anything, it’s to be more aware of the present moment and my surroundings. But this photo drove home that the way I see the moment is more than likely NOT the way others do.

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Here’s an example, just from a photography point of view. If Cullen and I had gone on a walk this morning, I would have seen this:

Stop Being So Childish 2

but he would have seen this:

Stop Being So Childish 3

That’s not dramatically different. We both saw the bend in the trail and the shadows. He might have noticed that the dog was looking at something not on the trail.

But at another point in the walk, I would have been looking at this:

Stop Being So Childish 4

while he was looking at this:

Stop Being So Childish 5

Whoa! Now that’s a different perspective.

I’m going to incorporate some of the inspiration from Cullen into my photography, especially when I return to places that I’ve photographed before. But even if you’re not a photographer, we should take the lesson that Cullen is teaching and incorporate it into life.

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Too often we see objects and situations only through our own eyes and fail to even consider how those things looks to others, whether they are four-and-a-half or 45–or even 95! So starting today: bend down, turn around, stand where someone else is standing and try to view the world through the eyes of others.

Start being more childish!

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  • Michael Palko


  • Instructional designer, Photographer-in-Residence at Historic Oakwood Cemetery, and social learning evangelist. Oh, digital storyteller, too. I take pictures. Lots of them. Find me on Instagram: mpalko. All my articles.

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