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Published March 12, 2014

Raleigh Music Scene: The Psychedelic Rhythms Of Octopus Jones

The last day of February came to a close this year with the sound of Octopus Jones, a local band, playing at King’s downtown on Martin Street.

Danny Martin and Tyler Morris sang their way through the new album Phantasmagoria, a psychedelic surf mix that brings 50’s style guitar riffs with 90’s dark, grainy vocals. This postrock band featuring Clay Carlisle on bass and Darrin Cripe on drums phunked up the night and left a lasting sound on new fans and old friends.

Octopus Jones creates an alternate reality of sound that includes some music highlights from past decades to create a smooth but dark upbeat boogie. Listen for yourself on their website. But honestly, the live performance itself is half the fun. Martin and Morris on guitar singing through the chorus while Cripe supports the rhythm with active and off-center hits and Carlisle sets the mood–their talent is undeniable.

Octopus Jones is on their way up and our small Raleigh scene is proud to be a part of their journey.

Originally from South Carolina, the band has faced many journeys together that have brought them together as a group. An early death of band member, John Pruitt, almost called an end to their music.

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But new opportunity and new places lead to today’s four members and a signature sound. Who knows what is on the road ahead.

Raleigh Talent-- Octopus Jones - 1Raleigh Talent-- Octopus Jones - 2 Raleigh Talent-- Octopus Jones - 3 Raleigh Talent-- Octopus Jones - 4 Raleigh Talent-- Octopus Jones - 5 Raleigh Talent-- Octopus Jones - 6 Raleigh Talent-- Octopus Jones - 7 Raleigh Talent-- Octopus Jones - 8 Raleigh Talent-- Octopus Jones - 9

For now though, while in our City of Oaks, Octopus Jones is on stage again March 13th. That’s this Thursday at Slims: 9pm. Be there, dance it out, and enjoy the sound of some ‘Super Good’ local music right around the corner.

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