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Published February 28, 2014

Raleigh Retail Shop Epona & Oak Closes

Many thanks to Downtown Dame for sharing this information with us here at Candid Slice! Be sure to check out Downtown Dame’s awesome local blog!

I first wrote about Epona & Oak in my third post ever on Downtown Dame, back in 2010 when I struck out on my own with a blog. You can read all of my posts that include Epona & Oak here. And, take a look back at that first post here. It was then that I jumped into blogging with both feet with this series: A tourist in my own city.

Epona & Oak means so much to me, as it does to countless others. When I stopped in today, folks from around town were popping in to say hello and show their appreciation. Leeann, Cheryl, and Katie Hynes did so much to create a place that invited and pleased customers.

Today, Leeann told me they designed the floor plan to welcome mothers with strollers, groups on First Friday, and present their goods, sold mostly on consignment, in an open and honest kind-of-way. And, it has been felt.

I don’t remember my first visit to the shop, but it feels long ago, before so much.

Bracelet by Haden DesignsI buy gifts for the most special people in my life there — for weddings, baby showers, holidays, birthdays, and pour moi-même. I usually talk business and goods with Leeann.

Retail Shop Epona & Oak Closes - 1Now, when I look around the shop, I see people not things sitting on shelves and resting from dainty hooks. And, my many conversations with Cheryl on any-old-day hummed along like we’d been dear friends forever. It is true that my heart leaps with every one of her boundless laughs.

Given these ladies’ care of the world around them, given their great talent and success, I know I speak for many when I express immense gratitude at the opportunity to get to know them and thanks for the local goods they provided us.

Epona & Oak has not only been my go-to shop, it’s been a place in my heart.

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Dates to know

After 3/15:

Call or email to make an appointment with Cheryl for massage therapy at her new location:

620 W Lane Street #202


Goodies on sale today

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Originally posted on Downtown Dame: Retail shop Epona & Oak closes. Posted under Creative Commons. Thanks for sharing, Jen!

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