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Published July 18, 2014

Raleigh Typhoon Downtown Scavenger Hunt: Test Your Knowledge!

The Raleigh Typhoon is a downtown Raleigh scavenger hunt returning for its 8th year on Saturday, July 26! If you’re unfamiliar with the Raleigh Typhoon, it means that a few hundred locals will descend upon downtown Raleigh hot spots to take on zany tasks, collect clues, and solve brain-boggling puzzles in the name of hilarity and possibly prizes.

It also means helping a good cause. All proceeds from Raleigh Typhoon will support Activate Good, which rallies volunteers to help over 200 charities around the Triangle and help teens activate their inner leader and do-gooder.

Would you rock the Raleigh Typhoon downtown Raleigh scavenger hunt - 1

At its heart, the Raleigh Typhoon is about having a great time with your friends (and collecting a plethora of hilarious photos of their antics for future blackmailing). But it’s also a competition. So, just for kicks, we’re asking:

Would you rock the Raleigh Typhoon?

Thinking about joining in the fun? Wondering how you’d fare? Take a gander at a sampling of past year’s clues and puzzles to find out — and post your guesses in the comments!


Step 1: Name these downtown Raleigh spots and head to each one:

  1. The Oak City’s closest bar to the Capitol; named after the most legendary North Carolina Bar.
  2. Glenwood South’s exclusive Rooftop Bar. I start with an “S” and end with an “S.”
  3. This is an awesome “Landmark” on Hargett.
  4. You can find me on Glenwood South. I am known for my leathery armored shell.
  5. Not Blue Collar Crime!
  6. I start with an “N” and have a “Y.” You may be “warm” if you’re near our “Blue Light District.”
  7. Guilty of being a Super Gastro Pub, near the courthouse. Named after an English city!


Step 2: Complete hilarious (and sometimes challenging!) activities like these with skill to claim pieces of the final puzzle:

  1. Knock down pins as a human bowling ball on a skateboard.
  2. Accurately guess the number of sugar skulls at a participating establishment.
  3. Lip synch your favorite Elvis tunes — while dressed as the King himself!
  4. Create and perform a skit about white collar crime.
  5. Identify the origins of 20+ types of beer at a participating establishment.


Step 3: Got your puzzle pieces?

Make sense of the mysteries the final puzzles reveal and perform the final feats before anyone else to claim your team’s prize!
Would you rock the Raleigh Typhoon downtown Raleigh scavenger hunt - 2


Get in on this year’s Raleigh Typhoon

The fun returns Saturday, July 26! Teams will check in then set out around 12:30 PM from Tir Na Nog on their hunt for clues. Teams will have all afternoon to solve a number of clues and collect their puzzle pieces, then complete the final feats the puzzles reveal. Teams will be able to start submitting their finished puzzles in the evening (usually 7:30-8:30 PM).

The first team(s) to turn in proof of their successfully completed feats on the revealed puzzles win prizes for each! A number of other prizes may also be given for things like best team costumes, most team spirit, and more.

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So, rally a team of at least two and no more than eight friends (ages 21 and up) and pick a fun team name. Register online by July 25 (you can register day-of, but registration fees go up a little).

Each team will need at least one smart phone on hand, with the ability to collect photos and video and to post to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Oh, and costumes are encouraged. See the full list of rules / restrictions here.

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