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Published November 26, 2012


Have you seen the mysterious notebooks prompting “Pay it Forward” random acts of kindness across the Triangle area? Over the course of the holidays, keep your eyes open, and you may be drawn into the TriKindness Project.

Random Acts of Kindness happen across the Triangle all the time. When working in a drive-thru, I’ve seen dozens of people offer to surprise the car behind them by paying for their order. I, myself, have been the benefactor of such kindness, when while eating at a fancy restaurant, I was startled to have my server inform me that a strange woman had already covered my check—and left before I could thank her.

Once, when I was on the side of the road with a flat tire, a gentleman stopped to help and even paid for the tow truck. Perhaps you’ve experienced an outburst of kindness—either as the giver or the receiver.

As part of an start-up experiment, using social media to track local Random Acts of Kindness, as well as connect people involved in such activities, a series of TriKindness Notebooks have been released across the Triangle area. Furthermore, these books will allow people who commit Acts of Kindness to see the results of their kindness displayed online, as well as how large their ripple effect truly goes as the kindness gets passed on and on, tracked through Twitter, Candid Slice, and these books.


pifIt’s always been said that one compassionate act lead to another and another, changing unforeseen amounts of lives as each kindness benefactor, their day brightened, pays it forward by showing kindness to another person. Through TriKindness, people can explore the explosive benefits and true magnitude of compassion and kindness by connecting with everyone else involved in the project and reading responses as it grows.


Here’s how it works.

A series of notebooks has been sent out across the Triangle. Each TriKindness notebook has a set of instructions inside it, as follows:

You have received a TriKindness Notebook!
This means somebody has done a Random Act of Kindness for you
And wants to make your day better and the world brighter.
I hope it made you smile.

Now it’s your turn to TriKindness!
Please pay it forward by doing an act of kindness for someone else.
Then, post a comment here or tweet to #TriKindness
About your kindness experience.

So, please share your story by adding a comment on this page, or at our Facebook page, or better yet, both! And remember to tweet #TriKindness when you share your story or links on twitter!



That’s pretty much it!

So if you see one of these notebooks floating around, please join the movement and let’s see how far we can go in making the Triangle a place where we can constantly be inspired by the people around us. As promised, here’s a list of Random Acts of Kindness to help give you innovative and interesting ideas to play around with! Have fun!

  1. Bake some cookies for your neighbor! Who doesn’t enjoy fresh-baked treats, especially around the holidays? Remember to give them the TriKindness Notebook, too
  2. Give a surprisingly generous tip to your server or barista. Who knows what expenses they have?
  3. Leave a small gift on a parked car’s windshield, like a candle or a sweet card, or a book of poems.
  4. Bring a bag of pre-packaged, store-bought candy or candycanes into your local McDonalds or Drive-thru. Give the bag to a worker and tell them to share the wealth with their co-workers and have a great day!
  5. Go volunteer! Volunteering is a fantastic way to help your community! Go to Raleigh’s own Activate Good to be matched with your perfect opportunity, using your skills and talents and time to benefit people the most!
  6. Bring a huge bag of dogfood, bedding, or toys to the local animal shelter. The SPCA is a great choice for this! Give the Raleigh Kindness Project Notebook to the volunteer or supervisor in charge. Unless there’s a dog there who can use twitter!
  7. Bring blankets, stuffed animals, or handmade cards to your local nursing home. Or go the extra mile and spend a few hours there reading to the residents. It will make their day!
  8. Go to your local police station with any sort of baked goods, candies, or treats as a thank-you to our local police department!
  9. Pay for the person behind you in the drive-thru. Sometimes this creates Kindness Chains of people who continue paying for the car behind them. Be sure to give the Raleigh Kindness Project notebook to the worker, but ask them to give it to the car you’ve paid for.
  10. Leave a flower and a note of encouragement or gratitude on your teacher or professor’s desk, along with the notebook. Bonus: They don’t know who left it, but you get to watch their reaction while sitting in class and see what they post on twitter later.
  11. Offer to rake leaves or do yardwork for a neighbor, especially a neighbor who has trouble doing it themselves.
  12. Go inside a Starbucks and offer to pay for the next five cars that come through the drive-thru. Only one can have the notebook, but you can give them each a note with the #TriKindness page and a short note to smile and have a good day.
  13. Leave small fish-tank pebbles with smiley faces drawn on them and a poem telling the finder to “Smile!” on tables all around, everywhere you go!
  14. Make a bright “Smile!” sign out of posterboard. Carry it around with you and greet people brightly with your encouragement to “Smile!” This has been a very popular project in the past.
  15. Carry a “Free Hugs!” sign and give free hugs!
  16. Set up a charity car wash. Then, wash people’s cars for free, only asking that they go do a random act of kindness. This project has been successful and is wonderful for groups.
  17. Find your local Angel Tree and buy a gift for a child in need.
  18. Write a letter to your mom, your dad, your sister, your teacher, or an old friend and tell them what an amazing difference they’ve made in your life and what they mean to you.


An amazing and inspiring video about the ripple effect we’re hoping to create and track through the Raleigh Kindness Project!

Life Vest Inside is not affiliated with TriKindness — we just really like their mission!


Now, go make a difference! See ya on Twitter, and please use hashtag #TriKindness!

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