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Published May 21, 2014

Raleigh’s Growing R&B and Hip-Hop Sound

There is an alley off of Blount Street that is colored with graffiti. Walking through it might not seem like a wise idea, but closer inspection reveals talent in the paint. Just a little ways into the alley there is a large metal door covered in stickers. It’s a clue to what lies beyond: a taste of Raleigh’s Hip-Hop and R&B scene.

On May 6th I got an opportunity to spend time in a music hall I’ve never been to, to take pictures for a genre of music I’ve barely listened to. Just past the metal door with stickers was the The Pour House, and that night local R&B and Hip-Hop artists were showing off their skills.

Performers Julius Massenburg Jr., Troy Mitchell, Keosha Mangum, Rome Rodgers, Reginald Mitchell, and Rasheed Harrell each took the microphone and performed for the small crowd like they were 20,000 strong.


 Julius Massenburg Jr.
Julius Massenburg Jr.

Julius started the night with his beautiful voice and a story behind each of his songs.


Troy Mitchell
Troy Mitchell

Troy’s energy lit up the stage and his music stayed positive and inspiring. This night marked the first time he had ever performed in front of an audience.


Raleigh's Growing R&B and Hip-Hop Sound - 3
Keosha Mangum


Keosha sang a variety of fun and powerful songs with her breath-taking voice. Her personality shone on stage and I am grateful for having had the opportunity to meet her.


Rome Rodgers
Rome Rodgers


Rome’s hip-hop sound was catchy and radio ready. My favorite song of the night was ‘Lipstick’.


Raleigh's Growing R&B and Hip-Hop Sound - 5
Reginald Mitchell


Reginald/Ike-Beezy performed with ease and added rap into the mix for the night. Rasheed’s smooth voice and modern beat kept everyone dancing. Together they’ve released a song ‘Apartment 22’.

The entire night was wonderful. The vibe was fantastic and I enjoyed everything from the music to the people and most of all getting a chance to photograph and promote our local talent. As an adult under 21, I don’t often get to spend time roaming Raleigh’s music scene. My photography has allowed me to explore the better known areas as of late and I have to say I’m falling in love with this city because of it.

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  • Victoria Coleman


  • I am an aspiring Psychology professor with a passion for the arts. I also team with other authors as a photographer for Candid Slice. All my articles.

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