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Published October 31, 2014

Raleighween: Halloween In A Raleigh Coffee Shop

Halloween is here again. Children are able to eat candy with no remorse from their parents. College students guzzle beer, wearing provocative outfits, and I’m sitting at my favorite coffee shop Raleigh pondering the Halloween that was.

Can we be ourselves? Is dressing up on Halloween our alter ego in hiding?

I’m not dressing up this year. I wear plain clothes and look like an average guy on the street. Does this mean I am just an average joe? Who knows.

The truth of the matter is, I believe being ourselves is important. Even on Halloween. Even on the day where we dress up, pretend to be someone else, and eat candy.

Halloween is an important holiday. It gives us permission to be someone else. But why are we so desperate to be someone else? Let’s be ourselves. Perhaps Halloween allows us to be ourselves along with something we wish to be.

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Raleighween 1As I sit here at Sola and brainstorm about what I “wish to be” on Halloween, I can write a long list on what my potential costumes might be. The ironic twist to this concept is that we sometimes “play” Halloween every day. Many pretend to be something else on a random day of the year. Sometimes without knowing it. Halloween is a fun evening and I remember the days of dressing up in all sorts of funny costumes.

Even on Halloween, let’s be ourselves. So if you’re wearing the “slutty pumpkin” outfit as referred to in “How I Met Your Mother” wear that “slutty pumpkin” outfit with pizzazz because at the end of the day, it is not what you wear, it is about the person wearing the clothing.

Happy Halloween!

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  • A SoCal dude trying to fit in to North Carolina life. I am the founder of the video blog, EyeOn NorthCarolina. I cover the sights and sounds of NC. All my articles.

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