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Published October 12, 2015

Rocking Durham: An Interview With Indie Rockers Gainsay

Durham band Gainsay’s recently released EP brings to mind the pop-punk sound of bands such as Descendents, Samiam and Chapel Hill, NC’s Superchunk. Sprightly guitar solos and energetic vocals merge with fast-paced bass on songs like “Power to the Family” and “Punk Rock California.”

“Songs mean different things to different people and those meanings can evolve over time, even for the songwriter,” stated guitarist/vocalist Joe Margiotta. He said the band hopes that their songs resonate with the listener.

Self-described as an indie rock, post-hardcore, punk band, Gainsay formed in 2012. The members “solidified a partnership over pints and decided they would craft the music they’ve always wanted to,” according to Margiotta. Other band members are Dante Bruno on bass and vocals and Ryan Nathan on drums and vocals.

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After playing in a local soul band, Margiotta wished “to start [a] rock band in the vein of the seminal ‘90s bands that made me want to be a musician in the first place.”

About the band’s sound/genre, he said, “We feel that we have a unique sound but wear our influences on our sleeves. We have been compared to the early SST bands that were dirty on the surface and sugary on the inside.”

He cites the following bands among Gainsay’s influences: Fugazi, Jane’s Addiction, Bad Brains, ALL, Black Flag, Ramones, Misfits, Quicksand, and Hüsker Dü.

When asked about the recording process for the five-song EP, Margiotta described it as “on the fly.”

  • Our friend Nick Province came to record us over a weekend last winter, so we locked ourselves in the practice room and tracked everything in less than two days. Mixing took place over the next couple of months. We were quite pleased with the DIY experience!

After the CD was recorded, it was mastered and sent for disc production in June and July 2015. The digital download of the EP is available at Bandcamp. Physical copies are available at local record stores throughout the Triangle.

Gainsay-- Post Hardcore, Indie Rock Band Based In Durham - 1Gainsay’s members book shows in DIY (do-it-yourself) fashion, with the help of the local music community and other bands they have played with.

Margiotta stated that Gainsay enjoys “all show opportunities, whether music venues or someone’s living room or basement. We have played Motorco in Durham several times and love that space,” he continued.

Asked about future goals for the band, Margiotta revealed that he plans to “write, record, play out, repeat. Balance life, work, music, and enjoy the ride.”

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