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Published July 30, 2013

Senior Citizens Arrested At Moral Monday: Why Wisdom Is Going To Jail

I have never sat down and tried to explain why I was willing to step forward to commit civil disobedience and be arrested. I am 72 years old have always obeyed the rules, with the exception of one speeding ticket in 1987.

There comes a time in your life when you realize that you can’t sit back quietly when you see the lives of so many people being destroyed by a political party.

My disgust began when the state turned down the medicaid expansion that would have helped 500,000 fellow citizens.

The disgust grew with the slashing of unemployment benefits in this state, which has the 5th highest unemployment rate. It was then compounded when they threw 70,000 off unemployment entirely.

We are watching you citizen!

They are in the process of dismantling our public education by slashing $90 million from the education budget in order to privatize the schools. They are slashing pre-K, though it has been proven to give children a much-needed boost when they enter school.

A long list of grievances:

  • The dismantling of the Racial Justice Act.
  • Interfering in Wake County school board elections.
  • Rolling back clean air and water rules.
  • Rushing legislation on fracking.
  • Abortion laws that will greatly harm women.
  • Voter suppression that is aimed at minorities, seniors and college kids.
  • Threatening parents with tax consequences if their child votes on campus.
  • Eliminating the earned income tax credit.

There are many more dastardly deeds they are trying to accomplish, but these are just some of my reasons for no longer being able to stand quietly by, without taking whatever small step I can to help make our voices heard at Moral Monday.

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  • Darlene Burns


  • Darlene is a passionate supporter of public education and Moral Monday's. All my articles.

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