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Published February 22, 2017

Strange Appalachia: 5 Unexplainable NATURAL Occurrences In The Southern Mountains

The land that creates the Southern Appalachia region existed long before European settlers took over. It’s very old and very mysterious, with unexplained natural occurrences and legends that date back to the 1600’s. Many legends began with the Native American people, to describe occurrences they could not explain — and those strange, unexplained occurrences still happen even today.

Here are five paranormal phenomenon that defy science that have been shaking Southern Appalachia since before your grandparents were born.


1. Seneca Guns – Carolinas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia

The Seneca Guns are perhaps one of the most mysterious legends Appalachia has to offer. While the “Booms” are often heard closer to the coast, the strange sounds have been reported as far West as the mountains of Kentucky and Tennessee. Even I’ve heard them, before I even knew what they were. I always assumed some weird kind of thunder, a loud jet, or perhaps a distant explosion. But according to one source “accounts of the rumbling date back to the days before airplanes.” It’s been going on a long time — way before jets or exploding electrical plants.

There are several stories behind these echoing booms. The primary legend is they are ghostly remnants of the Seneca tribe of Native Americans, still fighting for their land and freedom from beyond the grave, and shaking our entire state along with it.

Strange Appalachia-- 5 Unexplainable NATURAL Occurrences In The Southern Mountains 1

Scientists and seismologists have researched the origin of these booms, hoping to trace the sounds and shaking to seismic events or an unexplained phenomenon created by the ocean tides. So far, there’s no conclusive answer.

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