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Published February 22, 2017

Strange Appalachia: 5 Unexplainable NATURAL Occurrences In The Southern Mountains  [Page 3]

3. Devil’s Tramping Ground – Siler City, North Carolina

Most people have heard of North Carolina’s infamous Devil’s Tramping Ground. It’s a circular patch of gray land where nothing grows, and nothing living can thrive. Curious onlookers have attempted to plant seeds, but this 40-ft diameter of circle land refuses to sprout seed. Even animals dare not go near it.

Campers, however, love spending the night within the circle. Several have reported that their tent and items are moved outside the circle during the night. The most common legend is this ring of death is where the Devil himself paces while concocting his wicked schemes.

Strange Appalachia-- 5 Unexplainable NATURAL Occurrences In The Southern Mountains 3

However, other sources have far more in-depth cultural explanations for the tramping ground. The “Devil,” it argues, is a white Christian European symbol of fear, evil, and death. However, before colonists arrived, the Cherokee had their own vision of evil – a place where two tribes fought, and their blood soaked into the ground. The losing tribe eventually went on to become the Croatian tribe, infamously known in the legend of the Lost Colonists at Roanoke, which is yet another North Carolina mystery.

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