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Published February 22, 2017

Strange Appalachia: 5 Unexplainable NATURAL Occurrences In The Southern Mountains  [Page 4]

4. Fairy Crosses – Blue Ridge Mountains, Smokey Mountains

If you’ve always wanted to believe in fairies, this is the legend of a lifetime. Deep in the Blue Ridge and Smokey Mountains, Cherokee believed nature spirits inhabited the woods. These little spirits crafted and left behind Fairy Crosses made of Staurolite. You can still find them today, sprinkled around in the mists of the Blue Ridge, often in the morning and around bodies of water.

European settlers later co-opted this magical legend to symbolize the power of Christ taking over the “pagan magic” of the indigenous tribes. They believed the fact that these magical stones appeared as crosses was a sign of Jesus’ desire for them to preach Christianity to the Native Americans.

Strange Appalachia-- 5 Unexplainable NATURAL Occurrences In The Southern Mountains 4

I still prefer to believe there is proof that, somewhere in those magical mountains, fairies still exist.

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