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Published February 22, 2017

Strange Appalachia: 5 Unexplainable NATURAL Occurrences In The Southern Mountains  [Page 5]

5. Gravity Hill – Rowan County, North Carolina

Graffiti covers Richfield Road — messages from today’s youth to the long lost soul of a woman and her infant child, who tragically died when their car stalled at the bottom of the hill and was hit by a speeding truck. Legend has it that, ever since that day, any car who parks on this road will begin to defy the laws of physics — rolling uphill with their car placed in neutral.

It’s become a popular past time in Rowan County, and dozens of videos prove this eerie legend has some truth. Local teenagers love to go sit their car on Richfield Road, and many believe it’s the ghost of the mother, trying to push their car to safety. This creepy-sweet ghost story seems to have been proven, as many cars have replicated the process of being “pushed uphill.”

Strange Appalachia-- 5 Unexplainable NATURAL Occurrences In The Southern Mountains 5

Helpful teenagers have even decorated the road with graffiti to give precision directions on where to park, where you’ll roll, and how to cover your car with baby powder to find the mother’s handprints on your car. However, there’s another bit of scientific evidence that may explain this seemingly paranormal activity.

Richfield Road sits on a natural phenomena called a “Gravity Hill.” These geological features create optical illusions of both rolling up and down hills, and can easily confuse drivers. While rare, Gravity Hills occur all over the United States. Perhaps it was the confusion of this particular optical illusion that caused the mother and infant’s car to stall out and be hit by a passing truck.

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