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Published April 26, 2013

Superhero for a Month Volunteer-A-Thon!

The Triangle now has its very own superhero: The Blue Beacon!

I’ve been enamored with superheroes since childhood. I watched X-men, convinced that when I reached my teenage years I’d suddenly sprout an awesome mutant power. I absorbed Buffy, wondering why she so desperately wanted to be a “normal girl,” when she was far more amazing: She was a girl with a purpose. She had a mission. Who wants to be ordinary?

I wanted to be extraordinary.

As time passed, I did gain superpowers: Kindness. Compassion. A creative outlook and a keen insight for how to be a healer in a hurting world.

I also gained a mission: To help people. However, whenever. It’s always the right time to help someone, and there’s always a someone out there who needs you.

Still, particularly with the Real Life Super Heroes bounding through the streets, I’ve always been curious: What would it be like to live like a superhero, even for just a short period of time? Clark-Kenting my way through a full-time day job and fulfilling my mission to humanity on my lunch break, all while balancing schoolwork, paying bills, spending time with friends and loved ones, and walking my dog. Is it humanly possible? Or can only superhumans handle that kind of high speed life?

I’m going to find out.

Click on the Blue Beacon to Donate!

THE MISSION: To volunteer and improve the community every single day for one month, making a point to highlight various non-profits and causes such as homelessness, domestic violence, terminal illness, senior citizens, and animals in shelters, then to share the incredible stories of my superheroic life and the undoubtedly superheroic volunteers I will meet along the way. By sharing these non-profit stories, I will draw attention to organizations and people that need people like YOU to come volunteer, too! Plus, you’ll get to read about me getting very, very tired — unless I develop real superpowers, which I’m not ruling out. Either way, it’ll be encouraging, inspirational, and amusing.

And since this is a Superhero for a Month Volunteer-A-Thon, I’m also going to be raising money for charity, just like in a real Walk-A-Thon.

Except instead of raising money for each mile I walk, I’m raising money for each day I volunteer. The organization I’ve chosen to send all proceeds to is Activate Good, because:

  1. They support superheroes, which is awesome.
  2. They support all local non-profits, so your donation goes towards improving volunteerism across the community, which aids all non-profits in the Triangle, not just one!

Plus they have a really cool foundation that’s matching 100% of their donations right now, so if you donate $25, Activate Good will actually recieve $50! Awesome! You can donate to this cause by clicking the donate button below.

I begin my journey–my mission–next week at Note in the Pocket, Raleigh Rescue Mission and Zach’s Toy Chest. I’ll update daily, and if I don’t have a non-profit to volunteer with that day, I’ll do a super act of kindness and post that. Stay tuned, citizens.

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  • I sincerely believe that through the power of storytelling, I can make social issues become more than a set of statistics. My expertise is in community leadership, non-profit work, event coordinating, networking, and storytelling. All my articles.

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