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Published June 13, 2014

Ten Facts Of Life On A North Carolina Tobacco Farm

We all know that good old North Carolina makes its business in agriculture, with our main crop, tobacco, growing between rotations of soybeans and cotton. Look no farther than Wake County for a taste of the sweet and simple life. Before you venture to the Farmer’s Market this weekend, slow down and take a peak at the photographs and lifestyles of North Carolina’s farmers.


1. Calendars are for people in suits.

On a farm, everything is timed by the weather, calving or lambing season, and when the crops need seeding, planting, watering, weeding, and harvesting.

Top Ten Advantages Of Living On A North Carolina Farm 1


2. Leftovers are never wasted.

The chickens and goats will eat any and all food scraps, and the dog will gladly clean up any spills on your floor.


3. The back yard is better than the grocery store.

Eggs are fresh from the coop, and a variety of vegetables are just waiting to be picked.

Top Ten Advantages Of Living On A North Carolina Farm 3

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4. Entertaining children is easy.

There are lightning bugs to chase, dogs, cats, or chickens to play with, or creeks and woods to explore.


5. There’s just enough privacy.

Neighbors are far enough away to give you a comfortable amount of space, but they’re near enough when you want company or help.

Top Ten Advantages Of Living On A North Carolina Farm 2


6. Money is never wasted on frivolous things.

Between paying bills, fixing and maintaining the tractor and equipment, keeping the animals fed, and keeping the kids happy, no one can claim one is wasting money.


7. The “Birds and the Bees” isn’t difficult to explain.

Kids growing up on a farm will eventually see barnyard animals mating, and will come to you to ask questions.


8. Speeding tickets are harder to get.

Farm machinery or wagons full of tobacco are all over the country roads, and will keep your speed far below the limit.

Top Ten Advantages Of Living On A North Carolina Farm 5

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9. Amazing memories are made every day.

Watching the children play, bonding with the animals, seeing how fast the crops grow, or appreciating the beauty of a field full of your produce is enough amazement for a lifetime.


10. You don’t worry about what’s on TV.

So much happens during the day on a farm. By the time the day ends, you’re so worn out that going to bed sounds like the best way to spend your free time.


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