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Published June 21, 2017

Terrifying Discovery: Screaming Skeletons Of Russian Soldiers

The screaming skeletons of Russian soldiers killed during a battle 150 years ago have been discovered in a mass grave in eastern Poland. Photographs show the skeleton’s mouths wide open as they lie alongside one another at the site of the battlefield.

The remains were unearthed by archaeologists on the site of the Battle of Zyrzyn in eastern Poland. The Russian force of 500 soldiers and two cannon were escorting a load of 200,000 rubles for the Russian army.

Archaeologists believe that about eighty soldiers, presumed to be Russian, were buried in the mass grave.

A total of 181 Russian soldiers were killed during the battle, with 282 captured as prisoners of war. Around 90 of the 500 soldiers managed to escape when they encountered Polish troops.

Archaeologists did not publicly speculate as to why some of the skeletons mouths were open in the manner that they were discovered.

Legends passed down through the generations have told of Russian soldiers buried alive as retribution, and the battlefield and surrounding land has long been a source of unexplained sightings of shadowy figures crying and moaning in great anguish.

This recent discovery of the mass grave with the screaming skeletons has only reinforced these legends with the local population.

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