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Published December 28, 2014

The Best Raleigh History Stories Of 2014

Two and a half years ago, my Dad and I started a little website where local people could publish stories from the Raleigh area, fostering a sense of community as we explored the places and memories that connect our city.

At the time, I had no idea how much power these stories contained and how deeply our nostalgia ties our city together. As I researched interesting historical tidbits, people responded with wondrous memories.

Through Candid Slice, we have experienced each other’s lifetimes, as writers conjure the lost music of WQDR, the golden days beneath the Village Subway, and intense first person narratives of the civil rights movement.

We’ve bonded with famous Raleigh radio personalities and heard from remnants of the lost Umstead community. We’ve had a big party at Cameron Village as the Underground rose once again, and we’ve cleaned up Oberlin Cemetery, which so many people have forgotten about. Our stories have power. Some readers even rediscovered old friends amongst the comments.

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These stories have done more than merely entertain. They have tangibly changed how we connect with our community and reminded us all what we have in common. These are the top stories of 2014. The ones that brought friends together, stirred masses to volunteer, and brought history back to life.


The Raleigh Underground: An Epic Era Sealed Beneath Cameron Village

The-Raleigh-Underground-An-Epic-Era-Sealed-Beneath-Cameron-Village-feature-new-updatedWhen I sat down on Saturday to write about the Village Subway, I had no idea the kind of magic I was tapping into. Nor did I ever imagine that less than a week later, I’d be invited to venture down into this urban exploration paradise – to bring you new pictures, WRAL news coverage, and a definitive collection of images, videos, and quotes from the people who spent their youths Underground. Read the Article


The Day The Music Died: WQDR 94.7 FM

The-Day-The-Music-Died-WQDR-94.7-FM-featuredEven though I knew WQDR 94.7 FM would be signing off and switching over to a country format, nothing had prepared me for the moment it actually happened. Read the Article


Abandoned Cemetery for Emancipated Slaves Hidden in Cameron Village

Raleigh-Oberlin-Village-Cemetery-Featured-ImageIf you check the satellite view of Cameron Village near Oberlin Road, you’ll find something mysterious. Amongst the high-rise apartment buildings, upscale boutiques, and fine dining of the bustling outdoor mall, is a somewhat sizable wooded area nestled right in the middle of everything. Read the Article


Oakwood Cemetery’s Origins: Digging Up The Past

Digging-Up-Oakwood’s-Origins-Birth-Of-A-Raleigh-Cemetery-featuredHistoric Oakwood Cemetery was developed in the aftermath of the Civil War, when Raleigh had no place to bury fallen Confederate soldiers. Read the Article


Civil Rights In Carolina: A Native American’s Story

No-Accommodations-for-Indians-Civil-Rights-featuredWhen one thinks of the Civil Rights era, it’s usually a black and white issue. North Carolina was a tri-segregated state. Read the Article


The Ruins of Umstead: Searching For the Lost Homes of Raleigh Families

The-Ruins-of-Umstead-Searching-For-the-Lost-Homes-of-Raleigh-Families-featuredThe tulips growing in Umstead have special meaning. I hadn’t noticed them before. The flowers and trees have always been part of the background, something nice to see on a sunny day if I was lucky enough to catch them while they were blooming. But they mark the spots where people used to live. Read the Article


Restoring Raleigh Christmas History: The Cross Family Display

Restoring-Raleigh-Christmas-History-The-Cross-Family-Display-featured-newThe Crosses always had the best Christmas decorations in Raleigh, and people came from miles around to see them. Read the Article


I look forward to 2015, as we grow even closer together through the power of storytelling. Thank you for your stories, Raleigh. If you have a memory to share, you don’t need to be a professional writer. Send it to us at We’ll share your story with our city.

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