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Published October 22, 2015

The Big 3 Reasons to See Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom

Who doesn’t like a good theatre production? I sure as hell do. But these days, if you’ve seen one play, you’ve likely seen the premise of, and gotten the feel for, most other plays around. Most productions are built from the same melodramatic, overly peppy, and often zealously musical mold.

So what was it, you ask, that got me to go see Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom at Leggett Theatre of Peace University last night? Well I’ll tell you.. (cue music: “He’s going to tell!” “He’s going to tell!” “He’s going to tell!” “He’s going to tell!”…)

1 – Zombies, Mystery, & Videogames

I know, right!? Those could be THE big three reasons right there! But allow me to elaborate. This play takes place as a PC/console videogame where you kill zombies, similar to games like Left 4 Dead and Dead Rising, with a dark twist awaiting you somewhere inside. When you walk in and take your seat, you’ll be greeted by the game’s load screen and special graphics, courtesy of their phenomenal crew, and a cutscene with Katherine Bobbitt, who will prepare you for your experience. You’ll be charmed as player characters may have to take a break and go limp after saying “AFK!” (Away From Keyboard). And I know you’ll appreciate the random gardening and hardware tools the player characters have to pick up in order to kill the zombie hordes that have flooded their neighborhood!


2 – It’s Hilarious!!

For being a horror production based in a videogame, the show is actually quite the laugh! It’s immeasurably witty, boasting satire with its jab at suburbia and what it does to people, and dramatic irony as characters break the fourth wall in order to foreshadow their own fate for you! It is rare to find a truly scary play, let alone one that actually utilizes the elements of humor well, unlike those campy horror productions like Megashark vs Giant Octopus that are funny because of the poor acting quality or how simply ridiculous their premise is. And trust me, the acting is top notch! Amethyst Palma’s performance was both amusing and compelling throughout, traits less often found in horror and even less so mashed together. And Tyler Graeper’s spectacular performance was largely reminiscent of the greatness that is John Barrowman. And I haven’t even mentioned the rest of the cast! If these two reasons weren’t already enough, what could possibly come next!?


3 – Supporting the Arts in Your Community

Now bear with me here, because I know I’m probably coming off like some afterschool special or public service announcement right away. ‘The more you know,’ right? Blegh. But seriously, it is really important. With so much of the government’s funding pulling away from the arts, now more so than ever is it vital to come out and show your support of people who make this their livelihood. Even more so here, at colleges like Peace University, where young people are striving to become their best and contribute to society in their own special way. And for all you hardcore Raleigh-ites out there, don’t you want to have an arts community that you can be proud of, that stands out from the rest of all those other cities across the state and country?

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But here’s our most compelling argument that I know YOU, the consumer, can appreciate: If you come out to support the arts, chances are we’ll get more gems like THIS one, and we can sing our praises on high that more and more theatre productions will break the mold and aim for premises creative and performances realistic! And we all know how much we deserve something better than Megashark vs Giant Octopus… So come on down to the Leggett Theatre at Peace University tonight at 7:30, or later this weekend, October 22-25th, for a performance I can promise you won’t soon regret!

Photos by Ron Yorgason
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