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Published December 15, 2016

The Eight Creepiest Things Witnessed By Morticians

Funeral homes provide burial and funeral services for the dead and their families. Embalmers, morticians, and funeral directors spend countless hours with the deceased making them look as presentable as possible for their last viewing.

They perform their jobs while shrouded in a macabre environment of constant morbidity. These workers have a close up glimpse of life, death and sometimes the space beyond death. It seems as though a plethora of creepy stories would come out of their occupations, and here is a list of the most hair-raising stories shared by them.



If corpses have a lungful of air, then moving them causes it to release. When the air travels through their throat, you get some minor vocalization, but it’s usually just a sigh, gurgle or rattle.

“It still gets me sometimes, though, if I’m working alone.”

The Creepiest Things Witnessed By Morticians - 4

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