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Published November 20, 2013

The #KATPACK Scene: Kat Robichaud Viewing Party

Last night I experienced Raleigh history–because whether Kat Robichaud becomes The Voice for America or not, her voice has been heard, and we can be sure to see an album released in the future.

I wasn’t the only one out there at the Official #KATPACK Viewing Party. It was surreal to be surrounded, not only by generic fans, but by Kat’s friends, co-workers, and old classmates. Kitty Kinnin, host of Sound Palate on 98.3, showed up for solidarity among kitties, as well as Steve Sbraccia of WNCN. But mostly, it was just amazing to be among Kat’s friends and fans, knowing that when her first album is released we can all look back and say, “We were a small part of that journey.”

So we threw our Rock-On-Wolfpack signs in the air and howled together. And as a fun surprise for Kat, some of us wrote encouraging messages from home, pictured in the slideshow below. As for the rest of the slideshow, it’s images of an awesome night in Raleigh history, as we play our role in The Voice. And Kat, I bet you’ll recognize some of your friends among them. Raleigh’s here. Raleigh loves you. For those of you who didn’t make it–come out next week!

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Photo credit: Debby Boozer
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