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Published July 13, 2013

The Personal Power of Civil Disobedience

Engaging in civil disobedience is a deeply personal decision, and not one to be made lightly.

I found myself becoming more outraged by the legislature’s actions in late May, and felt I could not sit idly by and not do something. It was (and is) a deeply felt personal moral decision to take action against amoral actions in our state government.

moral monday popeIn the 1960’s I marched for civil rights and against the “war” in Vietnam. I speak up for those who need an additional voice now, and I’ll be damned if there is anything wrong with that. It means I have a conscience and care deeply about the world we all live in together. We need everyone, who is so moved, out on Halifax Mall, to be counted as one of the many thousands who are voicing their opinion, in loud, clear voices.

I chose to engage in civil disobedience on June 3, and it was an exciting, boring, interesting, tedious and fulfilling experience. Yes, that sounds contradictory, but it’s the truth!

moral monday handcuffs
The infamous plastic “handcuffs”.

I enjoyed being handcuffed (briefly) to five sisters from all walks of like as we were marched down a hallway, and sharing a giggle over it. I enjoyed one deputy’s pink handcuffs, and chuckled at another deputy who searched my bra and wanted to know what I “had in there.” Going through the processing, waiting on hard steel benches, observing the folks who work in the Detention Center, chatting with my fellow arrestees through the long evening and night was a rewarding, educational and thoughtful time.

The action of deliberate civil disobedience has helped me feel less impotent, and has energized me to continue to speak out, discuss the issues, become more aware and educated, and to clarify my intentions.

I plan on working with my local social justice groups in whatever capacity fits, and to encourage others to do the same.

moral monday sisters
Moral Monday demonstrators gather together in peaceful unity.

We cannot afford to let these solely self-interested, amoral, and power-corrupted people show such utter disregard and disrespect to our fellow North Carolinians.

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  • Vivian Brenner


  • Vivian is a passionate supporter of Moral Monday's and Witness Wednesday's, and a veteran of and participant in the Civil Rights and Vietnam "War" demonstrations of the 1960's. All my articles.

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