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Published December 30, 2013

This Cat Has Ten New Year’s Resolutions: Should We Learn From Them Or Be Very Afraid?

2014 will bring lots of changes, big and small. A lot of us will resolve to quit smoking, lose weight, or write that novel that’s always been on the tip of our brains. Some of us might even follow through. Just as their humans do, cats like to set New Year resolutions. Lets just hope that, like humans, they are weak on willpower and can’t stick to them.

#1   I resolve to guilt my human into a climbing tree by lying about apathetically with all my old toys around me. It’s always good to spoil yourself a little and indulge your wild side.

A Cat’s Resolutions for the New Year 1


#2   By the end of 2014, I will find a way to touch the very highest shiny-shine on that strange indoor tree. Reach for the shiny-shine, and its magic shall be yours, making all my dreams come true!A Cat’s Resolutions for the New Year 2


#3   Shh! You won’t see me coming this year! I will catch more people by surprise! A Cat’s Resolutions for the New Year 3


#4   I resolve to make guilt my human into giving me six treats a day. Who does she think she is, only giving me three? If I mew pitifully enough, she’ll surely give me more so I won’t starve. Get what’s yours!
A Cat’s Resolutions for the New Year 4

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#5   I resolve to take more and longer naps. I have to save my energy for eating all those extra treats! Spend lots of time relaxing and recharging this year!

A Cat’s Resolutions for the New Year 5


#6   I resolve to let my person know that I need a larger bowl for my canned food, by spreading the food on the floor around the bowl, so it looks like the bowl is not big enough. If you have plenty of something, spread the love around. And share with others — maybe.

A Cat’s Resolutions for the New Year 6


#7   In 2014, I will protect my family by keeping an eye on the household. Plus, from here I can make sure dog doesn’t touch my food and can easily pounce human’s head.
A Cat’s Resolutions for the New Year 7


#8   I resolve to be less naughty. I will only spit furballs at the edge of my human’s bed, so she can feel them beneath her feet without even having to look for them! I will not “hunt” human’s electronics. I will limit attacks on dog to five days a week. Always consider the little things when being kind to others.

A Cat’s Resolutions for the New Year 8

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#9   I resolve to find the box that fits me just right. Have you found the place where you fit best?

A Cat’s Resolutions for the New Year 9


#10   Since my human genuinely does love me, I resolve take some time out of my busy napping and eating schedule to be snuggly at least once a week. It’s always good to devote some special time to give attention to loved ones.A Cat’s Resolutions for the New Year 10

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