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Published August 1, 2013

Top 10 Alien Invaders in Video Games

The idea of alien invasion has been a theme in sci-fi since it’s early days with H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds and a theme that continued into the Golden Age of sci-fi cinema of the 1950’s and it has a become a staple of the genre ever since.

We’ve all seen movies or read books about a mysterious or powerful race of aliens that brutally invades Earth for one reason or another. This is a common theme in video games too. Along with zombies and Nazis, alien invaders are some of the most common enemies in video game history. There are literally hundreds of games where you find yourself pitted against some kind of hostile alien force. For fun I’ve come up with a top ten list of alien invaders in video games.

Now there are many choices out there so I decided to limit it down with some requirements to make this list.

  1. They have to be original material for a game so no Star Trek or Star Wars or Aliens (the film series).
  2. They must directly attack the Earth at some point in a game series.
  3. Must be evil or misguided which is kind of a no brainer if they are violently invading a planet.

They will also be ranked by their weapons, destructive power, and fear factor. Weapons cover the weapons, vehicles, and troops they use in an invasion and how they use them. Destructive power covers how much devastation their invading force is capable of and how easily it is defeated (if defeated). Fear factor covers how scary the aliens look and how it impacts the moral of the humans fighting them. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s get to the list, ordered from weakest to strongest.


The Space Invaders (Space Invaders 1978)

space-invadersOne of the very first arcade games was also one of the first alien invader games!

This classic even has invader in its title so of course this had to appear on the list.

These little green pixilated creatures from beyond the stars came to earth to destroy us all! Yeah, a little over dramatic for a late 70’s arcade game but we’re just getting started!


Numbers and pixilated orbital bombs.

The invaders from space uses their sheer amount of numbers and the clever tactic of moving back and forth in straight lines to attack Earth. Once the Earth defenders adapt to their tactic, they increase speed and reverse direction. Genius! They also have destructive indefinable bombs they drop as they descend onto the Earth for global domination. The bombs destroy the four bunkers on the surface as our lone defender tank does its best to blast the aliens from the sky. Such advanced technology and tactics!


Unless these four bunkers are the last buildings on Earth, they don’t really do much planetary damage. Their numbers are the only thing they have going for them as they cannot invade anything until they overwhelm that earth tank thing at the bottom of the screen. This was truly a war of attrition.


Just look at them! They’re so cute in their pixilated cuteness! Yeah, there is no real fear factor to speak of but they would become some of the most iconic video game sprites. Space Invaders started the alien invasion in video games.

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