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Published February 13, 2014

Top 5 Co-op PC Games: Date Night Edition

For the average geek couple co-op games are the perfect way to spend time with one another while doing what you both love–and relieving some pent-up aggression. Here are the top five unlikely co-op PC games for couples. Grab your online love interest and enjoy V-day the Gamer’s way!


#5. Saints Row: The Third

I wasn't being cheeky. There really is an angry tiger motorcycle.
I wasn’t kidding. There really is an Angry Tiger motorcycle.

This open-world game is extremely outlandish, but sometimes there is nothing more fun than just goofing off with your companion in the world of Saints Row.

Though this is the third installment, it gives you the best fix of action and story, as well as humor and downright silliness. Hop online and let your girl take you out on her “Angry Tiger.”


#4. Borderlands 2

Fae’s top 5 Unlikely PC co-op games for couples - 2First-person shooters can get tense and even scary, but not only is Borderlands 2 full of dark humor and great dialogue, the co-op is very well done for a shooter. Go head to head against creatures you couldn’t normally face otherwise, get better loot, or play the slot machines at Moxxx’s until both you and your significant other are out of cash. It’s like going to Vegas!


#3. Castle Crashers

Fae’s top 5 Unlikely PC co-op games for couples 3Though this game has been out for awhile, and only ported to PC within the last two years, the Castle Crashers co-op reveals how strong your relationship truly is. Is your significant other willing to leave the gold for their next mod so you can pick it up when you need it? Will they leave food if you are low on health when they could replenish theirs instead? These are the questions you REALLY need to ask yourself when considering a relationship.

This side scrolling adventure even allows you to play a pink knight that shoots candy and rainbows. What could be more romantic than that?

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#2. Minecraft

Fae’s top 5 Unlikely PC co-op games for couples - 5In this build-a-world game, anything is possible. Build your lover a nice home or fill the yard with roses for a romantic surprise! You can literally build anything for your partner if you put your mind to it, or, better yet, build it together! It’s a great way to test whether or not you’ll be able to live together one day, as you build a virtual home together and practice placing your pixelated furniture.


#1. Portal 2

Nothing says “I love you” like the trust of someone who’s in control of the exit location of your portal. This game allows for hours of intricate co-op strategy with the one you hold closest to your heart.

Keep your lovers close, and your enemies far away! Happy Valentines Day!
Keep your lovers close, and your enemies far, far away! Happy Valentines Day!

Have a happy–or at least entertaining–Valentine’s Day!

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