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Published October 24, 2013

Towns in North Carolina With Spooky Names

All Hallow’s Eve is quickly approaching and in the spirit of Halloween, I found some interesting towns and small communities in North Carolina that have spooky names.

The name of these towns may sound haunting and really creepy, but don’t let the name of these locations fool you. You can discover some magical places and have some exciting adventures when you visit some of these areas.

These small towns and communities have a lot to offer and are some of the most beautiful places to visit in North Carolina.


Bat Cave, Henderson County, NC

An ideal location for Bat Man to take up residence if he can live with the current residents. The main entrance to the cave is a dark cathedral chamber that is more than 300 feet long and approximately 85 feet high.

This community was named for a nearby cave that inhabits several species of bats. It is the largest known granite fissure cave in North America.

The actual Bat Cave is owned by The Nature Conservancy and, unfortunately, is not currently open to the public due to the spreading of white nose syndrome in bats. But don’t let the name or the closure hinder you from visiting this beautiful majestic place and surrounding areas. There are plenty of hiking trails, waterfalls, and camping sites for visitors to enjoy. Reports of ghostly encounters of apparitions of a barefoot woman with black hair wearing a beautiful draped white gown and an old Native American woman that hisses have been seen by tourist camping in areas nearby the cave.

Towns in North Carolina With Spooky Names - Bat Cave
Reports of ghostly encounters with apparitions have been reported in areas surrounding the cave.

For more information on visiting this site and surrounding areas, visit the the town’s website:

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  • Trying to educate the world one SLICE OF HISTORY at a time! Hope Thompson is a freelance journalist focused on hidden history, Southern & Appalachian folklife, and Native American culture. She is a native of North Carolina and has been writing for this space for four years. She currently works in state government finance and owns a graphic design business. All my articles.

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