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Published April 16, 2013

Twitter and Facebook to the Boston Marathon Madman: Screw You; We Will Keep Running!

The Boston Marathon is a symbol of the human spirit. It shows just how much people can and will endure. It is a manifestation of our willpower.

The explosions at the finish line were a symbol, too. They meant to show the emptiness of triumph– that no matter how hard we work we can still watch it all go up in meaningless flames. The explosion was meant to symbolize destruction and pointlessness, the utter worthlessness of the effort of the human spirit. Screw you, Marathon Madman. We’re going to run more marathons.

Humanity unified through social media and lit up the world. All you did was show us how strong we are. Congratulations. We’re gonna keep running.


Finally, as I looked through posts tweeted before the marathon yesterday, I came across these two messages of support for the runners and health-care providers from before it was known what a shocking turn the day’s events would take.


Really think about them in context, as Create the Good offers gratitude to RedCross workers that morning – truly they ended up earning that praise more than ever. And the tweet from Girls on the Run Triangle, who encourages their runners to “finish strong.” GOTR supporters, bless you. You finished stronger than you ever realized you would.

Yesterday the Boston Marathon became a brand new symbol. No longer is it merely symbolic of the physical strength and willpower of humanity. No. Yesterday, all of America stood up and ran a distance far greater than 26.1 miles. Some of us ran into flames. Some of us ran into explosions to save strangers. Some of us ran to our laptops to find out how we could help – or if loved ones were still alive.

That explosion didn’t break our endurance or prove that the finish line is meaningless. Instead, we gained yet another symbol of how far we are willing to run to help our fellow human beings — and that’s far longer than a marathon.


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