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Published February 8, 2017

Underground Tunnels and Aqueducts: Downtown Raleigh’s Lost Waterway  [Page 2]

A River Walk in Downtown Raleigh?

According to IndyWeek,¬†Raleigh planners have been considering creating a Greenway river walk, and have even begun work on restoring the Pigeon House Branch. After the fun I had spending two beautiful January days wandering along the creek’s banks, I think a greenway through downtown would be perfect.

Photo credit: Amber Smith and Theron Langston
Creepy Raleigh Aqueduct Exploration 12Creepy Raleigh Aqueduct Exploration 25Creepy Raleigh Aqueduct Exploration 15Creepy Raleigh Aqueduct Exploration 14Creepy Raleigh Aqueduct Exploration 9Creepy Raleigh Aqueduct Exploration 5

The dichotomy of urban streets, graffiti, and cracked concrete mixed with open air, hiking trails, and riverbeds — it’s perfect for explorers of all kinds. Plus, antique buildings and historic mills make beautiful scenery.

And afterwards, famished and parched after hours of adventure, pizza at Mellow Mushroom and brew at the Raleigh Beer Garden sounds like heaven. Let’s make this happen, Raleigh!

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Just a brief taste of what awaits you on this URBEX adventure.

Sources and More Photos and Info:

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