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Published May 23, 2017

Underwater Hauntings: 8 Sunken Mysteries and Ghosts

What makes the depths below our lakes, rivers, and oceans so mysterious? From above they look so beautiful and serene. Why lies underneath should be the same. But underneath the waters of the U.S. lies darkness and secrets which few have explored.

The Haunts Of The Fallen Bridge

In 1980, part of Tampa, Florida’s Sunshine Skyway bridge collapsed. 35 motorists fell to the waters below and tragically perished. Since the bridge reopened in 1987 it’s been a magnet for suicide, claiming the lives of 200 jumpers.

Decades later, divers searched the area beneath the bridge and found a spooky surprise: screams coming from below them. This of course was impossible. No marine creatures make sounds that replicate a human scream. But if they weren’t natural, then what were they?

In addition to that, the divers claimed to have seen mysterious lights, coming from nowhere. Perhaps the headlights of fallen vehicles weren’t ready to power down until the resting place of their owners were found after so many decades of watery unrest.

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  • Greg Trombley


  • I'm an RDU-based novelist and passionate champion of scientific progression. Nature and science live side-by-side in my heart. I clean dinosaur bones in my spare time, and love reading about local history. All my articles.

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