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Published March 9, 2017

Urban Exploration: Eno River’s Lost Pumping Station and Dam  [Page 2]

The Filter Room on the Eno River

The first thing that caught my eye was a single brick wall, standing upright as a soldier amongst the trees. Not much is left of the Filter room — just a vertical slab, partially obscured in the woods about ten yards of the main trail. At first, I thought it was some kind of chimney.

This filter room was once the lifeblood of Durham, as the history of the city and of the Eno are interlinked. Without the fresh water provided by the filter room in the late 1800’s, Durham’s population growth would have stagnated. This wall is a relic of Durham’s past – we could not have existed without it.

Urban Exploration -- Eno River's Lost Pumping Station and Dam 2p

I touched the wall, taking in the rich history. But this 10 to 15 foot tall brick monolith was hiding the labyrinth on the other side of the trail. As I walked around the wall, my urbex heart leapt at what I saw.

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