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Published March 9, 2017

Urban Exploration: Eno River’s Lost Pumping Station and Dam  [Page 4]

The Underground Pump Station Basement

My poor dog Willow was whimpering as she watched me crawl down the muddy, rocky slopes into the underground portion of the pump station. Ian held her back; this was no place for puppies.

I crouched low to get a strong center of balance and crept down the steep hill. At the bottom of the hill, there’s a place to climb down the stony wall and drop into the sub-level. In the sucking mud, I found a lost leather boot, evidence of other urban explorers on the Eno River.

Urban Exploration -- Eno River's Lost Pumping Station and Dam 5Urban Exploration -- Eno River's Lost Pumping Station and Dam 4Urban Exploration -- Eno River's Lost Pumping Station and Dam 3

Concrete pipes jut from the broken walls at odd angles, where the water used to flow in and out to be filtered and cleaned for Durham citizens to drink. Prominent on the basement floor is a large, metal grate with a fan inside, rusting. I looked back up at my traveling partners waiting at least 10 feet above me. We took photos of each other to illustrate the height difference.

Finally, I climbed back out (wear good climbing shoes for this urban exploration adventure!). As we head back up the trail, I took my dog’s leash and prepared for the hike out. I thought the adventure was over, but we had one last stop to make before leaving.

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