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Published March 9, 2017

Urban Exploration: Eno River’s Lost Pumping Station and Dam  [Page 5]

The Dam on the Pump Station Trail

The Pump Station Trail makes a loop, which passes by the final part of the Pump Station Ruins: The Old Dam.

It’s easy to miss, despite its massive size, because the stone blends in so well with the rocks and dirt of the river bank. However, as we crossed the thin wooden bridge, Ian stopped to sit down. “This is my favorite part,” he said.

Urban Exploration -- Eno River's Lost Pumping Station and Dam 7

We all took a break on the bridge, the water flowing beneath us, and the dam rising before us. Since the pump station is no longer in use, the dam was blasted in half to allow the water to flow once again. But you can still see each side of the dam, admire the remaining architecture with the creek creating a canyon through the middle.

It’s beautiful in the way antiques are — a reminder of days long lost, when people worked in these buildings, made a living for their families, and supplied clean water to all of Durham so it could grow into the city it is today.

What would those people think today?

Finally, there are many, many weird and cool places to explore on the Eno River — traces of history left behind on the trails. I’ve compiled them for you hikers and urban explorers, with easy links to directions and information about each site. There are graves, cemeteries, haunted hot spots, homesites, and abandoned mills.

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