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Published August 3, 2015

Vanished: Missing Persons Discovered In Submerged Cars

With advances in sonar detection, combined with severe drought, missing person cases that have remained hidden away for years in the murky depths of lakes and canals are being solved, bringing closure to these decades-old mysteries. Here are seven examples of these peculiar cases.

Four decades, two cars, six skeletons:

The cars recovered from Foss Lake in western Oklahoma may solve cold cases from the late 1960s and 1970. The vehicles appear to match a Camaro missing with three Sayre teenagers since 1970 and an older Chevrolet with three Canute residents missing since the 1969.

Long Missing People Found In Their Submerged Cars - Oklahoma - 3

The three teenagers went missing the night of November 20, 1970, when they went for a ride around Sayre in Williams’ blue Camaro with a white top. Williams bought the used Camaro just six days before he went missing, and the muscle car was the envy of teenage boys at the time.

Williams and his two passengers were supposed to go to a football game, but they may have gone hunting instead. Williams was a hunter, and two rifles were found, rusted and corroded, in the Camaro.


The other much older car contained the remains of John Alva Porter. Porter, then 69, was traveling in a green Chevy with a sibling, Alrie Porter, and friend Nora Marie Duncan, on April 8, 1969, when they all went missing. Although the disappearances occurred 2 years apart, the two cars were found within 3 feet of each other.

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