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Libby Leah
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Published May 19, 2017

Village Subway Revives Underground Nightclub Scene

The Village Subway. People want to go down there. Dozens of documentarians and entrepreneurs want to know more. There is even a Facebook group dedicated to sharing memories of the Pier. Magic seems to be the keyword to describe the Underground.

People just want the Village Subway to return.

And now Cameron Village is working on plans of bringing back the magic according to an article published in the Triangle Business Journal:

  • Cameron Village patriarch Smedes York says they’re working on a plan to bring back the Subway’s underground nightclub scene.
  • ‘We’ve got a plan for that’, York told a crowd gathered in the old Rite Aide store space on Cameron Street on May 17 for an Urban Land Institute case study presentation on Cameron Village’s past, present and future.

It been over 30 years since the basement of Cameron Village rocked as the epicenter of the Raleigh music scene. Our readers who were lucky enough to dance, work, and play beneath Raleigh at clubs like the Pier, the Bear’s Den, Cafe Deja Vu, Elliot’s Nest. and the Frog and Nightgown just may get another chance to revisit a venue we all thought was lost to us forever!

Now York just needs to sign up Arrogance and The Knobs for opening night to really make this dream come true!

Photos by Libby Leah.
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