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Published July 21, 2017

Where The Sidewalk Ends In Raleigh

Travelling around Raleigh, you might glance to your left or right and see a jogger on the sidewalk. Ten feet ahead of them, the sidewalk ends. As the jogger keeps going through grass and weeds, you might wonder, what’s the purpose? Why do some sidewalks in Raleigh abruptly end?

Hundreds of such places exist in Raleigh. Here are just a few glimpses at some in the northwest corner of Wake county.


Leesville Road between Strickland Road and Westgate Road

Just inside of 540 and a few feet down from Strickland Road, this sidewalk emerges from Leesville Baptist Church and stops long before reaching the neighborhoods beyond. The path is clear to continue the walk, and it could be a useful one if it wasn’t overgrown past the guardrail. In addition, another sidewalk ends across the street, stemming from Walgreen’s.

What’s notable here is the proximity to Leesville Towne Center, containing a Harris Teeter, a UPS store, the Leesville Tap Room, and several other eateries. Being able to walk there would be useful.


Pinecrest Road between Seafarer Court and Sylvan Lane

This sidewalk emerges from Seafarer Court and ends a mere ten feet away. Across the street is RFD Station 23, nestled snugly behind Pinecrest Pointe, which holds a Food Lion, a Barber shop, and a gym.

Also nearby are the Leesville Elementary, Middle, and High schools, which have their share of kids walking home. It’s hard to imagine why this stretch wasn’t extended beyond the neighborhood, considering the number of homes and businesses it would connect.


Pinecrest Road between O’neal Road and Springwood Drive

Less than a mile away from RFD Station 23 is the end of this stretch of sidewalk. What’s notable here is the clear, worn-down footpath branching off to the left.

People who want to keep walking to exercise, or to pick up a bag of groceries, or to go to a friend’s house don’t let the end of the pavement stop them.

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